World Military Aviation – Aircraft, Airforces and Weaponry

Автор: Nikolaus Krivinyi
Название: World Military Aviation: Aircraft, Airforces and Weaponry
Издательство: Arco Publishing
Год: 1973
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 230
Язык: English
Размер: 24.3 MB

World Military Aviation is the complete and up-to-date record of all the world’s current military aircraft, with every aeroplane detailed and illustrated with three-view scale drawings. All the service aircraft are described, from the latest Soviet MiG-25 interceptor (capable of a speed of Mach 3 at altitude) to the new American Grumman F-14A Tomcat’, which is still undergoing trials, and to those World War 2 aeroplanes still used by less important nations throughout the world. World Military Aviation is divided into two sections: Airforces and airpower surveys 126 national airforces and details organisation, aircraft types and quantities, manpower, etc. Aircraft details over 320 military aeroplanes from interceptors and bombers to helicopters, light liaison craft and trainers. Information is provided on dimensions, performance, armament, and payload, production figures, types and variants, etc. Additional material covers the markings of the world’s air forces (with 201 roundels and insignia), plus details of armament (cannon, air-to-ground missiles, air-to-air missiles, multiple rocket packs, bombs, and torpedos). World Military Aviation is a new and basic reference volume, containing the very latest information Over 800 individual drawings.

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